Quarry Passport Training and COVID-19

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As you are all aware the rules regarding social distancing and groups continue to be amended by the government. However, Safety First Consultants continue to offer the MPQC / SPA Quarry Passport course in accordance with current guidelines. To date we have presented 6 courses since training recommenced in July with no recorded incidents of the pandemic requiring track and trace to be implemented.

We aim to offer a safe environment for up to 10 delegates involving individually distanced desks, temperature checking on arrival, hand gels and sanitising wipes. Should delegates wish to wear face masks throughout the day this is up to the individual and will not impact on the training experience. Hand washing and tea and coffee making facilities are available, however we cannot offer any lunches at the moment.

Course dates are available on our website throughout the final quarter and to date have been well attended.

Quarry Passport Training is Back

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Safety First Consultants Ltd are back up and running. Two courses have been completed so far in July under the new rules with social distancing and hand sanitisation paramount.

Our new base for training is MPQC headquarters at Eastwood in Nottingham. Many of you will no doubt have attended courses there in the past and will be well aware of the excellence of their facilities.

Hope to see you soon, until then: Stay Alert, Stay Safe

Quarry Passport Training to Restart

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We’re back (hopefully) with a new schedule of courses earmarked for July. SPA have announced that all passports expiring between 20th March and 31st July inclusive have until the 31st July 2020 to renew them. After this date any passports that have expired will have to attend the two day course.

There’s already a lot of interest in July quarry passport courses so check our website for the latest course dates. We will run as many as is needed to make sure all those that need their passports renewing do so before the 31st July.

As always, your safety is our focus (it would be, wouldn’t it as it’s a safety course!). So until the current pandemic abates we will be implementing a number of relevant safety measures including: –

  • Small course sizes to enable social distancing to be implemented (maximum of 10)
  • Provision of hand gels and anti-bacterial wipes to all candidates.
  • Temperature checking of all candidates at the start of each day
  • Certain restriction on facility use, e.g. drinks / meal provision

Any queries or concerns just get in touch and we will endeavour to allay your fears.

Happy training!

Coronavirus Update

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Due to current government restrictions Safety First Consultants have taken the decision to stop delivering the quarry passport course in the immediate future. However, we hope to recommence in the summer dependent on circumstances and government advice at the time. You will find a revised schedule of provisional course dates on our website recommencing in June. If you wish to provisionally book places you may do so via email or phone.

If you have a quarry passport that is about to expire you now have 3 months to renew it after the expiry date. This may lead to a log jam once courses are able to be run. We would advise you to provisionally book your places early, however if demand requires it, we will endeavour to run additional courses. Please get in touch if you need further information or if our current dates do not suit you.

In the meantime please stay safe and follow the latest government advice

Coronavirus Information (Covid-19)

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In view of the current advice from the UK Government Safety First Consultants is considering its options for running the Quarry Safety Passport courses.

The next course scheduled for 23rd – 24th March is now full. Numbers have been restricted to a maximum of 10 candidates in a room designed to hold 20 persons, this to achieve a little “social distancing”. Candidates have been asked to provide their own lunches and provide hand gels to limit the interface with the hotel training room facilities.

Safety First Consultants have requested that any persons displaying the published symptoms of Covid-19 or have any reason to suspect they may have contracted the virus should NOT attend the quarry safety passport course,  no matter how short this notice may be. In such cases Safety First Consultants will endeavour to rearrange courses so that candidates fees are not lost.

Clearly the national situation remains fluid and it may be that future, planned courses have to be cancelled. However it is the current intention that quarry safety passport courses will continue to be run not withstanding future advice from the UK Government.

Vehicle Accidents

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The HSE announced in 2017 that “being hit by a vehicle” was again one of the top three causes of workplace fatality, this was still the case last year.

Busy quarries can have up to 200 vehicle movements a day so it’s vital we all pay attention.

The Quarry Passport Course is full of helpful advice on how to avoid incidents in this regard, including the correct use and selection of high vis clothing. Why not attend Safety First Consultant’s next course on 23rd – 24th March 2020 and make sure you are up to speed with current thinking.

Safety First Consultants Audit 100% Compliant

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Safety First Consultants have recently been audited by SPA Ltd. whilst presenting the MPQC / SPA Quarry Safety Passport Course in February. Safety First Consultants achieved 100% compliance in all 42 audit protocols.

The author commented:

“Chris delivers a very interactive quarry safety passport course. Lots of great discussion throughout. Chris uses lots of scenarios which delegates can relate to. A great course with lots of information provided without getting too technical and overwhelming the delegates”.

No Risk Assessment Lands Company with £400,000 Fine

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A Coventry based materials division of a large French Company has been fined £400,000 after a worker had to have his left arm amputated after it became trapped beneath a rotating stone drum fed by conveyor whilst attempting to clear a blockage. A fellow worker inadvertently activated the start button.

The HSE investigation revealed there was no risk assessment or safe system of work in place for clearing rock safely from tail end drums.

Want to know more about risk assessments and safe isolation procedures? Attend Safety First Consultant’s next quarry passport course on the 23rd – 24th March 2020.

Two Quarry Passport Training Providers Agreements Terminated

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SPA Ltd have recently terminated the contract of two training providers who have been found to be fraudulently delivering quarry passport training courses. Safety First Consultants Ltd would like to remind you that courses are either 2 full days or 1 day renewal and each day will last a minimum of 6 hours. Under no circumstances can we deliver a 2 day quarry passport course in 1 day.

SPA and MPQC carry out audits which are unannounced and can be completed at any time of the day. As trainers we must complete annual CPD to remain eligible to deliver the quarry passport course.

Also, please note that once your current quarry passport has expired, even if it’s only by one day, you must then redo the two day course. There are no exceptions.