Quarry Passport Training is Back

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Safety First Consultants Ltd are back up and running. Two courses have been completed so far in July under the new rules with social distancing and hand sanitisation paramount.

Our new base for training is MPQC headquarters at Eastwood in Nottingham. Many of you will no doubt have attended courses there in the past and will be well aware of the excellence of their facilities.

Hope to see you soon, until then: Stay Alert, Stay Safe

Quarry Passport Training to Restart

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We’re back (hopefully) with a new schedule of courses earmarked for July. SPA have announced that all passports expiring between 20th March and 31st July inclusive have until the 31st July 2020 to renew them. After this date any passports that have expired will have to attend the two day course.

There’s already a lot of interest in July quarry passport courses so check our website for the latest course dates. We will run as many as is needed to make sure all those that need their passports renewing do so before the 31st July.

As always, your safety is our focus (it would be, wouldn’t it as it’s a safety course!). So until the current pandemic abates we will be implementing a number of relevant safety measures including: –

  • Small course sizes to enable social distancing to be implemented (maximum of 10)
  • Provision of hand gels and anti-bacterial wipes to all candidates.
  • Temperature checking of all candidates at the start of each day
  • Certain restriction on facility use, e.g. drinks / meal provision

Any queries or concerns just get in touch and we will endeavour to allay your fears.

Happy training!